SIRENE PODCAST: Daniela Cotimbo

June 2, 2021

SIRENE invited our curator to talk about Re:Humanism, curating and sound as an artistic language in relation to artificial intelligence.

SIRENE.PODCAST is a project by RUFA – University of Fine Arts students dedicated to explore the a new dimension of sound and its interrelations with contemporary artistic languages.

Martina Carbone and Adriana Aneiva Guerra present Daniela Cotimbo: an Italian curator who redefines art curatorship by integrating artificial intelligence and sound to investigate the relationship between visitors, artist and artwork. Daniela Cotimbo is an art historian and curator based in Rome. Her research focuses on current themes investigated through different expressive media, in particular new technologies. She recently founded and curated the Re:Humanism Art Prize, dedicated to the relationship between art and artificial intelligence. Daniela has curated exhibitions in various galleries and museums and collaborates with numerous contemporary art magazines, such as Inside Art, Artribune and Arte e Critica. In addition, she is President of the newly formed Re:Humanism Cultural Association ”.

The podcast is in Italian.

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