MAKER FAIRE ROME 2023 | DATALAKE by Franz Rosati

October 16, 2023

On October 20th to 22nd, 2023, at Pavilion 5 of Maker Faire Rome, the artwork DATALAKE by Franz Rosati Studio, curated by Re:humanism, will be hosted.

DATALAKE embodies a collection of artificial intelligence-generated ‘fake’ data in its organic form. A blend of sounds, texts, words, and images guides the narrative, reflecting and presenting data and documentation from the perspective of its objectification. A datalake thus becomes the endpoint of a flow of data derived from random snapshots carrying the remnants of the reality we know: fragments of literary essays, web-extracted news, novels, alchemy and occultism treatises, conspiracy theories, pop and classical music.

The data processing journey begins with their translation into prompts through GPT algorithms and utilizes neural networks to produce orchestral sounds and cello and generative voices reminiscent of dialogues and interviews.
These voices are transcribed into text using Speech To Text and form a crucial component of the narrative. The same prompts are used for the visual aspect, which, starting from satellite photos, generates colors and depths of artificial scenarios, later reconstructed in three dimensions by NERF algorithms.
The work reflects a multidimensional and intricate reality that inhabits digital platforms, collecting the lives, experiences, and data of each of us. An incessant flow of manipulated media objects recombined in a fake-documentary context. There is no one-sided interpretation but rather an all-encompassing observation of an object dilated in time and by time itself, where every moment is the most accurate representation of what is (or isn’t) real.

Franz Rosati Studio:
Franz Rosati – sound, visuals, code
Daniele Imani Nobar – creative / technical assistant
Mattia Magionami – sound design assistant

With the support of Frontiere

Pavilion: 5 (DISCOVER)
Booth No: B19 – B20
October 20-22, 2023 – FIERA DI ROMA

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