Romaeuropa Festival 2023 | Albert Barqué Duran and Luca Pagan

September 22, 2023

Even this year, Re:humanism participates in the Romaeuropa Festival within the Digital section curated by Federica Patti, this time with the two Special Mentions from the Re:humanism Art Prize 3:

On Sunday 8th October the projects will be host at Macro Mattatoio in Rome:

Luca Pagan Retraining Bodies

Retraining Bodies by Luca Pagan
6 p.m. MATTATOIO – Free entrance

Luca Pagan’s performative lecture Retraining Bodies originates from a reflection on the link between technologies and the human body. Through the use of bodily architectures to detect body movement, the machine learns to associate gestural expressiveness with the production of sound forms.
The project aims to shift the focus of research from what we can teach artificial intelligence to what and how much artificial intelligence can teach us.

Albert Barqué-Duran Slowly Fading into Data

Slowly Fading into Data by Albert Barqué-Duran

Slowly Fading into Data is a speculative audiovisual project expressed in multiple artistic formats created by Albert.DATA that explores themes such as disembodiment, extended cognition, hybrid beings and synthetic identities. The project consists of a retro game, a conceptual music album, a live a/v performance, and a short film.

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