AI FOLEY Workshop

May 22, 2024

Foley and Sound Design course with usage of artificial intelligence systems in Rome.

During the course you’ll learn how to design and handle prompts for sound fx production through text-to-sound AI, starting from silent films. The lessons will also go through the visual elaboration of the material, which will involve the usage of pre-trained models for video processing.
You’ll then be guided in editing the produced sounds and images for optimal audiovisual synchronization of the final product.


– June 11: Course introduction, examples and study of the sound-image relationship, software installation, viewing of the raw material to be elaborated
– June 13: LDM system introduction, prompt design
– June 18: sound editing, review and introduction to Comfy UI (image processing)
– June 20: visual production
– June 22: processing, review and editing of the audiovisual material
– June 27: final editing of individual scenes and review of the complete project

Every Tuesday and Thursday from June 11 to 27, Rome Prati area, 5 to 8 p.m.

The course will be activated upon reaching a minimum number of participants
Cost: €250.
The first five booked will receive a €50 discount.
Registration at until June 8.


Martina is an Italian multimedia artist. She lives and works in Rome, where she completed her studies at the RUFA. Through experimentation with different media, she explores the gesturality of the body about sound to deconstruct unconscious systems of action and open a field of action free from hierarchical and exclusionary structures. She has presented works for Romaeuropa Festival, Biennale di Venezia Teatro, Re-humanism, Videocittà, Dancity Festival, Museo Civico di Viterbo.

Daniele Imani Nobar is a * artist. He was born in Milan in 1997 from Italian mother and Iranian father. His practice takes on various disciplines and types of found objects, in order to challenge their definition, opening them to different relations with time and space. After getting a bachelor in New Art Technologies in Urbino, he graduated in Multimedia Arts and Design in RUFA in Rome, where he lives and works. He participated to Dancity, Videocittà and Romaeuropa Festival, other than exhibiting his works for MOCDA and Re-humanism. He was also granted the Surprize award by Centro Arti Visive Pescheria.

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