Re:Humanism 2 – Romaeuropa with Francesco Luzzana

August 31, 2021

Romaeuropa | Digitalive

Francesco Luzzana
Object Oriented Choreography (WISIWYG)

September 26th 2021
Mattatoio / Teatro 1
4 p.m. + 7 p.m.

Winner of the second edition of RE: Humanism Art Prize, Francesco Luzzana constructs a performance suspended between real and virtual. OOC is a collaborative performance in which the audience and performer try to impersonate and empathize with the realities of the great contemporary digital platforms, with particular attention to their relational and logistic component. Through a combined effort of imagination, listening and direct involvement, the audience and the performers participate in OOC in a process of empathy with the non-human identified in what Luzzana defines as “the zone”. “The area could be an almost fully automated Amazon warehouse, it could be the port of Rotterdam, it could be a group of riders waiting for orders outside the Chinese restaurant, it could be the network of scooters around Milan“. But “the zone” is for Luzzana also the space dedicated to virtual reality where to answer the questions that this report poses and understand the new “hyperobjects” with the human eye.

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