June 30, 2022

COSMO, the Venetian production and creation space for sound and visual and performing arts, is pleased to host and co-produce the Italian premiere of the new immersive work by Lorem titled Distrust Everything and curated by Re: Humanism.

Inside the seventeenth-century apse of the ex-Church of Santi Cosma e Damiano, on the Giudecca island, the audiovisual installation immerses visitors in a hallucinatory dream realized through Artificial Intelligence systems. Generative Neural Networks analyze the archive that collects 21 years of dream transcripts of Mirek Amendant Hardiker, an American artist and former researcher at Stanford. Starting from these, the system elaborates a radically new dream.

The work takes the form of an immersive room, in which electronic projections and compositions envelop the viewer. The realism of the images, specially created with 3D photogrammetry and neural networks, acts as a counterpoint to the ambiguous surrealism of the narrative.

Distrust Everything investigates the relationship between human and algorithmic unconscious starting from an intense and perturbing aesthetic experience. In fact, the work aims to explore Mirek’s unconscious through the most modern models of natural language processing, to produce new stories that tend to merge reality and fiction, internal and external, individual and collective consciousness.



Commissioned and produced by: Re: Humanism (Rome) & COSMO (Venice)

Co-commissioned (ep.1) by: Elevate Festival (Graz), SuperBudda (Turin)

Production partner: BLM Foundation, Venetian District Research and Innovation

Partner production of contents: Wunderkammer (Ferrara), Superbudda (Turin)

Technical partner: BENQ

Written by Lorem & M. Hardiker

Directed by F. D’Abbraccio & K. Sudolski

Curated by Re: Humanism

Assistant director: Leonardo Distefano

Music, synthesis Voice and Sound Design: Lorem

Text Dataset & Transcription Tables: M. Hardiker

3D Photogrammetry: K. Sudolski

Young Mirek (Voice): Ilyas Kastell

Miriam (Voice): Helena Cantid

With audio contributions by Acre, Hampar Soum, Kid Brothers

Production : AE Di Costanzo


Campo San Cosmo Giudecca 624-625
30133 Venice


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