!! Following the many applications, the announcement of the winners is postponed and will take place by the first half of February.
Re:Humanism Team


Re:Humanism Cultural Association announces its second edition of Re:Humanism Art Prize. The contest aims to investigate the advent and dissemination of Artificial Intelligence technologies in Contemporary Art.

Participants are invited to submit projects related to the theme:

Art and Artificial Intelligence – a proactive vision of the future that awaits us.

 And, in particular, on the following topics: 

  • Body and identity in the age of AI
  • Machine learning, Robotics and Computer Vision
  • AI Policy and Abuse
  • The Anthropology of Artificial Intelligence
  • A vision for the future of the planet

Although the works do not necessarily involve the use of these technologies, they must reflect upon their social value and impact.


Participation in the competition is free and open to professional artists of all ages and nationalities. The deadline for submitting proposals is January 12, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. CEST.

By that date, candidates must send an email to info@re-humanism.com with the following attachments:

  • Prize Entry Form.
  • Project in pdf format containing:
  1. Project description;
  2. Images or sketches useful for understanding the project;
  3. Dimensions of the works for the exhibition planning;
  4. Detailed list of technical equipment required to complete the project and any additional useful information;
  1. Approximate budget for the realization of the artwork.
  • Bio and CV of the artist, link to her/his websites (if available).
  • A short video presentation of the project (maximum 2 minutes).

 With regard to large-file projects, we will accept WeTranfer submissions.


Eleven (11) projects will be selected by the jury composed of the organizers, high-level external experts in the field of Contemporary Art and New digital technologies, and will be distributed as follows:

  • 1° place – 3.000,00 € cash prize + 4.000,00 € production budget
  • 2 ° place – 2.000,00 € cash prize + 3.000,00 € production budget
  • 3 ° place – 1.000,00 € cash prize + 2000,00 € production budget
  • The other 7 classified will receive a participation cost coverage of 500 € per artist (any cost of transportation, food and accommodation is to be considered included in this budget).
  • The top 10 selected will participate in an exclusive exhibition in Rome.
  • Romaeuropa Digitalive Prize – to be allocated to a future performative project produced and presented within the official program of the festival (economic value:  1,500.00€ production, 500.00€ fee for the artist – period October 2021).

The first three prizes are to be considered with the acquisition of the artwork; therefore, the artists will be required to leave to the organization the entire work or part of it, in accordance with the agreements following prize acceptance.

Winners will be announced on www.re-humanism.com by January 31, 2021. All finalist artists will gain visibility through Re:Humanism official communication channels and their projects will be presented to the network of Alan Advantage, the main sponsor of the initiative. This aims to offer the works and their authors wider visibility and market opportunity.

Projects presented from first edition winners will also be accepted to the contest, as long as these are original works.


Works will be evaluated by the jury composed of the organizers, high-level external experts in Contemporary Art and New digital technologies, and Artificial Intelligence specialists.

The jury will examine submitted works also on the basis of specific expertise in the field of Contemporary Art promotion.

In evaluating candidates, the conceptual elements of the work presented, the artist’s curriculum and the economic viability of the project, will all be taken into consideration.

The organization retains the right to reconsider their choices where these are incompatible with the purposes of the initiative.


The following must be regarded as grounds of exclusion:

  1. failure to submit all required documentation;
  2. explicit incompatibility with the proposed topics;
  3. projects that run counter the ethical principles of the organization.


The exhibition of the ten (10) finalists will take place at Maxxi / Sala Corner in May 2021, barring unforeseen circumstances due to the current health emergency from Covid-19.

Re:humanism is committed to ensuring the availability of facilities and materials strictly required for the exhibition of selected projects.

Finalists will be invited to send their work at least six (6) days prior to the exhibition, completed of all necessary materials and any assembly instructions.

Costs of transportation, shipping and collection are included in reimbursement of expenses. The organization retains the right to exclude any participant from the contest whether delivery of the work does not take place within the time limits set. Following the exhibition, the works can be exposed in Re:Humanism offices in Rome for the duration of 60 days.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue published by Edizioni Kappabit.

At the end of the exhibition and the following period of residence, it is the artist’s responsibility to collect the artwork and the shipping cost is entirely at his own expense. If the artwork is not collected within fifteen (15) days from contract conclusion, the organization retains the right to consider it as its own asset and to dispose of it the way it will deem more appropriate.


Re:Humanism, while ensuring the maximum care and custody of the works received, declines all responsibility for any theft, fire or damage of any kind to the works that may occur during the stages of the event.

Any claim for insurance must be signed by the artist her/himself and it’s at her/his own expense or in special cases evaluated with the organization.


Winners will be asked for promotional contents such as photos, videos, and texts. The reallocation of the prize may be assessed in case of refusal to submit these materials.


Works can be purchased by companies among Re:Humanism network or from their clients.

Re:Humanism reserves the right to retain 20% of the value of the work in case of sale.


 The competition commission is composed by:

 Re: Humanism Team

Via Oslavia 6, 00195, Roma




Each candidate expressly authorizes Re:Humanism Association and its legal representatives to process the personal data transmitted, in accordance with the new European legislation on data processing (EU Regulation no. 679 / 2016) of GDPR, also for the inclusion in databases operated by such persons. Each participant freely grants to Re:Humanism and its legal representatives all the rights for the reproduction of works and texts entitled to the prize, for the images and videos that will be inserted in the catalogue, for the publication on the Prize’s official website, and for any other type of organization’s communication, promotion and activities. The works will remain property of the artists, with the exception of the first three prizes, and in all cases, the name will always be indicated. The material sent for submission will not be returned. Contest organizers will retain the right to make a final decision on everything that is not specified in this communication. The Organization reserves the right to make changes to the notification when necessary. Enrollment in the competition means complete and unconditional acceptance of the articles in this regulation.

ATTENTION!!! In order to allow all members of the jury to evaluate the project, the description must also be presented in English.

ATTENZIONE!!! Al fine di permettere a tutti i componenti della giuria di valutare il progetto, almeno la descrizione deve essere presentata anche in inglese.