Michele Tiberio / Diletta Tonatto


Michele Tiberio’s work is realized in collaboration with Diletta Tonatto and consists of two parts, one tangible, the other impalpable. The tangible part of the project is represented by a book in which the digital identity of the artist was collected, requesting his own data from big digital companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, then included in this textbook, without any kind of censorship.

The intangible part of the work is perceived through the sense of smell: the pages of the book emit a perfume, an olfactory portrait of the artist’s digital identity. This portrait was realized by an algorithm that, by analyzing the collected data, created a profile. The algorithm was programmed starting from the capacity and experience of Diletta Tonatto, producer of the fragrance of which the pages of the book are impregnated, translating in olfactory notes the patterns obtained through the algorithm. In this artwork the corporeality and the digital, whose facets often diverge, are united by the same perspective, that of identity. The two authors reflect on what “exist” means in a period in which the boundary between real and virtual is increasingly blurred, showing how an ancestral sense, such as the olfaction, can be profoundly actual today.

Michele Tiberio - Born in Palermo in 1987, Tiberio studied photography and design in Italy and then continued his studies at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College of London in the United Kingdom. He began his career as a designer and engineer before dedicating himself fully to sculpture and installations. Tiberio has exhibited in Rome, Palermo, and London. His works have been included in exhibitions at the Welcome Collection in London, Palazzo Costantino in Palermo and at Istituto di Cultura Austriaco in Rome. In 2017 he had his solo show at Francesco Pantaleone Arte Contemporanea. His last project, conceived with Niccoló De Napoli, is Misconception: a way to misunderstand reality: it had been part of the Manifesta 12 Collaterals in Palermo. Michel Tiberio has been selected by the Fondazione Merz for Meteore in Giardino, 2019, that will take place in Turin in summer.

Diletta Tonatto is an academic researcher and artistic director of Tonatto Profumi maison. Her work and studies focus on perfumes and the sense of smell in today’s society. Living perfume as a liminal experience, an in-between the past, the present and the future, Diletta is fascinated by the silent yet emotional and powerful stories carried out by fragrant volatile molecules in their explosion of reminiscence once inhaled. Artistic perfumery award winner (Cafleurebon 2016, 2018), her work meets with art and design to create modern olfactory portraits and rituals as antidotes to today’s stressful life.

PHOTO CAPTION: Michele Tiberio in collaboration with Diletta Tonatto, Me, My scent, publication (1619 pages) and perfume, 2019. Courtesy the artist

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