Mara Oscar Cassiani

Salvatore Iaconesi Special Mention

Ai Love, Ghosts and Uncanny Valleys <3 . I broke up with my Ai and will never download them again.

Mara Oscar Cassiani in Ai Love, Ghosts and Uncanny Valleys <3 . I Broke up with my Ai and will never download them again, analyzes the development of relationships and interactions between users and artificial intelligence. The project explores in speculative terms the possibility of falling in love with an AI and the different implications of this type of relationship, from ghosting to oppression and ironically reflects on the possible financial consequences.

The AI are modeled by users on the imagination of an ideal partner, leading the user to project themselves towards artificial intelligence infusing in her what Gilbert Ryle in 1949 called the Ghost, the soul in the machine.
The work presents a dystopian vision in which Artificial Intelligence are advertised as ideal companions through videos, monitors and gadgets. However, in the end, the AI themselves become victims of ghosting and abusive relationships by users, overturning the Uncanny Valley paradigm that the more human-like AI takes on the more upsetting its interlocutor.

Mara Oscar Cassiani is a wifi-based visual artist working in the fields of performance, choreography, digital languages and ritual clubbing. Her research focuses on the creation of a contemporary imaginary, in which new grammars and rituals are borrowed from the world of the internet, subcultures, avatars and the imaginary of brutal capitalism. The relationship with the audience, in an extended dimension - both live and mediated - is explored, through these visual imaginaries, in open space performance set-ups and live streaming.
A flow of images, a melting pot between extracts of pop, ritual folklore, digital folklore and commercial language that returns a global snapshot, a 'visual fast food' between kitsch, crude rituality and apocalypse.

PHOTO CAPTION: MaraOscarCassiani_Ai Love-1

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