Ginevra Petrozzi

Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Bite Off More Than You Can Chew proposes a reflection on predictive systems and on the secular need of humanity to control the future. The project creates a dialogue between ancient systems of somatic divination and the current use of software for face recognition based on the.

Many disciplines and cultures have explored the possibilities of determining the fate of someone based on physical traits: reading the Samudrika Indian face, Mesopotamian bodily omens, Chinese interpretations of traits, the most modern phrenology and physiognomy. These techniques propose arbitrary readings on the inclinations, personality and future of people, "diagnosing" possible criminals, passive students, unfortunate marriages, lack of luck and more. Face analysis via AI works the same way, but while one predictive system is considered superstitious, the other is seen as a neutral tool.
The inspiration for the project came from the artist’s experience of changing the position of his teeth by wearing braces. Based on the physiognomic hypotheses, modifying the arrangement of his teeth, the artist modifies his destiny. The neural network at the center of the project will be trained by correlating the change in the position of the artist’s teeth to the diary of his life experiences as the teeth moved. By analyzing the movement of each tooth and correlating it with what happened, the network will be able to produce divinatory predictions about the future.
The project narrates a predictive collaboration, reconnecting ancient divination to modern AI systems, revealing their potential and limits.

Ginevra Petrozzi (Rome, Italy) is an interdisciplinary designer and artist currently living and working in The Netherlands. She completed her MA in Social Design from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2021, for which she won the Gijs Bakker Award 2021.
Her work explores contemporary issues around care, futurity and algorithmic governance. Through performative actions, installation, and video she aims to make space for other ideas and forms of intelligence, knowledge and wisdom (both human, non-human and digital). Currently, she is exploring the possibilities of mysticism and the occult within the landscape of contemporary techno-politics. In this framework, she took the role of a “digital witch”, reclaiming the archetypal role of the sorceress as a healer, and as a political rebel.
She has recently exhibited/collaborated with Stedelijk Museum, RAUM, IMPAKT Platform, Waag, MU Hybrid Art House, Het Nieuwe Instituut, World Design Embassies, The Hmm, among others. She is a tutor at Design Academy Eindhoven and she is part of the duo Xsenofemme, exploring
performative design through the lens of Xenofeminism.

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