Giang Hoang Nguyen

1st Prize


The Fall is composed of two complementary sections: a performance and an installation. The action of the performer consists into follow a tutorial that indicates the process to fall like a robot. The tutorial starts with an analysis of Boston Dynamics’ video, in which the balance of a robot is tested while it keeps on falling.

Giang Hoang Nguyen asked a choreographer to create the performance’s movements: the result is a slow and automated act. During the performance the repetitive motion makes the performer’s body increasingly artificial. The fall, that is something random and unpredictable from which learning mechanisms derive, becomes controllable and measurable in this performance. The technology is modeled according to biological processes and therefore the fall no longer belongs to the human being, but also to the machine. Human and art overlap without ceasing, leading the man towards an unknown future. The symbol of this future is the fall itself, able to lead to an advancement as well to a ruinous failure.

Giang Hoang Nguyen lives and works between Hanoi and Milan. His works are multimedia, with focus on identity, self-inscription and memory. His current research and practice are aimed to investigate failures in the relationship between human and machine, specifically in the process of learning. He has participated in various exhibitions, workshops, screenings and art projects in Vietnam, Italy, Portugal and France. In 2018, his work The Fall was performed at Museo 900’ in Milan, as part of Furla Series. Apart from personal projects, he has also contributed to community development. In 2016, he curated In_ur_scr!, the first online exhibition in Vietnam. In 2014, he founded The Black Hole – a community art project, in which he illustrated and published anonymous secrets from Internet users. He is currently pursuing a MFA in New Media Art at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera – Italy, with the Italian Government Scholarship for foreigners.

PHOTO CAPTION: Giang Hoang Nguyen, The Fall, performance and multimedia installation (mattress, neon, headphones), audio 12’00’’, 2018. Courtesy the artist

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