Entangled Others

1st Prize


How can we dream up new ecosystems? Can doing so help us understand the concept of always existing in relationship to others? Beneath the Neural Waves 2.0 explores biodiversity through an attempt at creating (digitally) an aquatic ecosystem as a means of attempting to engage with the very abstract concept of relationship.

The choice of specifically the coral reef was due to our belief that these ecosystems are the perfect example of how interconnectedness occurs in the natural world. No one creature is the core component of the reef; instead, it emerges from the interwoven whole of all the individual component species. Entangled Others uses deep learning to take a contemporary approach to pattern extraction. It facilitates extracting three-dimensional patterns (output from 3D GANs) from nature and rearranging them to envision new speculative worlds. As a whole, the physical artefact and its digital extension, reach out towards the complex entanglement of natural life, both with itself and others. The sculptural body will be accompanied by a generative oceanic sound in collaboration with the sound artist TBD.

Entangled Others is the shared studio practice of artists Feileacan McCormick and Sofia Crespo. Their work focuses upon ecology, nature and generative arts, with a focus on giving the more-than-human new forms of presence and life in digital space. Exploring questions of relationship, biodiversity, and awareness through biology-inspired technologies. In turn, highlighting how through conscious efforts new technology can be used to bring attention and awareness to the unseen that we are tightly interwoven with.

PHOTO CAPTION: Entangled Others, Beneath the Neural Waves 2.0, (in progress)

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