Enrico Boccioletti

3rd Prize


The project presented by Enrico Boccioletti is the achievement of previous works resulted from the same research. These projects address the theme of empathy and its limits in the artificial intelligence age, through speech synthesis and algorithmic composition.

Boccioletti evokes through this software the perception of human emotions, showing the viewer the result of this process, that is most of the time alienating. In this work the human being is asked to understand the otherness finding himself both attracted and disturbed from this artificial dialogue. The sound installation is accompanied by spatial changes necessary for the creation of an environment that allows the audience to listen and to understand. The artwork is inspired by the uncanny valley, a theory developed by the robotic researcher Masahiro Mori, who stated that the feeling of familiarity that a man can have towards a robot increases when the robot looks like a human; when this resemblance became too convincing the man develops a sense of unease and disturbance towards the artificial. In this way, the project tries to define new ways of feeling human emotions.

Enrico Boccioletti is a transdisciplinary artist whose practice is mainly focused on the consequences of technology encountering one’s intimacy, investigating structures of empathy existing in-between and beyond verbal communication, representations of the self in the digital realm, and the ghostly forces embedded in informational turmoil. Recent appearances, among many others, include: MAXXI, Rome; ZKM, Karlsruhe; OGR, Turin; La Quadriennale di Roma; La Plage, Paris; Parco Arte Vivente, Turin; Material, Mexico City; Operativa, Rome; Carroll / Fletcher, London; Live Arts Week, MAMbo, Bologna.


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