Antonio “Creo” Daniele


Grammar # 1 by Antonio “Creo” Daniele is an interactive experience that reflects on the relationship between human and artificial expression, exploring drawing as a form of symbolic language.

The artist produced three hundred drawings through “Let It Brain” (LIB), an automatic drawing technique developed by himself. These drawings were then reduced to their structural marks that were in turn merged into a dataset, the Human Grammar, with which the SketchRNN algorithm was trained. In this way the algorithm created a new group of marks known as the Artificial Grammar. The experience is designed as a Turing test: the viewer is in front of a screen, having to answer a single question “What is Human?”. Drawing as an aesthetic language is investigated in its most current implications: the role of art within today’s society is re-thought through the most recent technologies; this opens up a new series of questions regarding gesture, artistic sign and artificial intelligence role in this dialogue.

Antonio “Creo” Daniele is an Italian visual and media artist living and working in London, UK. He is currently a PhD student in Media and Art Technology at Queen Mary University of London, investigating human and artificial expressivity through drawings and artificial intelligence. He holds a MA with merit in Computational Arts from Goldsmiths, University of London where he graduated in 2015 with a thesis project “This Is Not Private”. The work has been defined by Antonio as an interactive empathic portrait which uses cutting edge technology, such as face tracking and affective computing, to explore the phenomenon of empathy as a meta-language. The installation was featured on WIRED US, WIRED Japan, The Creators Project Italy and Prosthetic Knowledge among the others. This work has been selected for the XXI Triennale Milano and for the CHI2016 Art Exhibition. Antonio experience cuts across art and commercial. He has been working in the digital industry between Italy and UK as director and motion graphic designer, for well known brands such as Nike, Samsung, Nokia among others. On the other hand, his personal works have been shown at film and art festivals around Europe and the USA.


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