Albert Barqué-Duran

Romaeuropa Digitalive Prize

Slowly Fading into Data

Slowly Fading into Data is a speculative audiovisual project expressed in multiple artistic formats created by Albert.DATA that explores issues such as disincarnation, extended cognition, hybrid beings and synthetic identities. The project consists of a retro game, a conceptual music album, an a/v live performance and a short film.

The project aims to investigate the transformation of artistic cognitive practices in virtual environments, where cognition is mediated by digital artifacts, and to push experimentation in the concepts of disincarnation, extended cognition, hybrid beings and synthetic identities. In particular, the project explores the concept of "game space", as an interactive world that offers a field of action to which players must adapt.
Spatial representation within a game space defines the way players can move, the point of view from which to perceive the world and the channels of interaction with it. However, the project questions the possibility for next-generation motorsport technologies to help overcome the boundaries of standard conventions of human perception.

Albert.DATA is the new artistic identity of Albert Barque-Duran (1989).
Albert is an artist and a researcher in Creative Technologies and Digital Art, currently based in
Albert, the human one, earned a PhD and a Postdoc in Cognitive Science from the Centre for Mathematical Neuroscience at City, University of London (UK) and have been a Visiting Postgraduate Researcher at Harvard University (USA) and University of Oxford (UK). Albert's artistic research focuses on: (1) human-machine interaction during artistic and creative processes, (2) Artificial Intelligence's (AI) aesthetic artifacts, (3) perception and aesthetics under sensory conflicts, and (4) experimental formats and aesthetics in virtual environments using game engines.
They have exhibited and performed at Sonar+D (Barcelona, Spain), Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria),
ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany), Creative Reactions (London, UK), Cricoteka (Krakow, Poland), Albumarte (Rome, Italy), SciArt Center (New York, USA), IGNITE Fest (Medellin, Colombia), Nuits Sonores (Lyon, France), Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, Spain), Ming Contemporary Art Museum (Shanghai, China), DMA (Daejon, South Korea), and more. Albert was awarded with the Artist Residency at Sonar+D x Factory Berlin in 2020 and received an award from "We Are Europe" (Creative Europe Programme of the European Union), which endowed him as one of the 64 young "Culture Activists" in Europe in 2019. Further, they have been internationally awarded by their work on the relationship between AI and Art; by "We Are Equals- MUTEK Music Academy"; by "Art of Neuroscience" award for bridging science and art; and by the Catalan Government with the "International Award City of Lleida" for the significant cultural impact of their projects.


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