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Sparks and Frictions is the title of the third edition of Re:Humanism Art Prize, which since 2018 is dedicated to exploring the relationship between art and artificial intelligence. This edition consolidates the idea of contemporary art as an agent capable of arousing reflections and developing imaginations about the future to come but also to oppose technocratic regimes as part of sustainable and inclusive development. With this edition, the program expands through the relationship with all forms of technological media and scientific topics that bring important reflections on identity, relationships and possible futures into play. From quantum technologies to metaverse, from genetics and biohacking, while retaining a look at the new scenarios of AI, will be evaluated different forms of artistic speculation that, as in each edition, should not necessarily involve the direct use of the technologies concerned.

Participants are invited to submit works relating on the following topics:

NEW ECOLOGIES: poetics and policies for rethinking the logic of data extractivism and environmental resources.

THINKING QUANTUM: lights and shadows regarding quantum physics’ new discoveries and related technologies.

NEW NARRATIVES: re-reading techno-scientific progress through the lens of decoloniality recovering rituals and situated knowledge, exploring the potential of technologies to generate new mythologies.

PLAYING WITH NON-HUMAN: the exploration of relationships with the non-human through the filter of advanced technologies.

EXPLORING METAVERSE: visions, fears and dreams linked to the metaverse.

HACKING THE BODY: biohacking between re-appropriation and extension of body's potential.

MACHINE VISIONS AND DREAMS: once again, space for the free exploration of the machinic unconscious.

OTHER EXPLORATIONS: different looks at the futures that await us.

Eleven projects will be selected and divided into the 3 main categories MAIN PRIZE (which also contains the Salvatore Iaconesi Special Mention), the EMERGING PRIZE and the ROMAEUROPA DIGITALIVE PRIZE. The prizes are divided as follows:

1° PRIZE  —  7.000  €

2° PRIZE  —  5.000  €

3° PRIZE  —  4.000  €



EMERGING PRIZE  —  1.000  €


The MAIN PRIZES are to be considered inclusive of the artistic fee and production budget, consult the regulation for all the details.
Participation in only one of these three categories will be allowed, while more thematic areas can be chosen.

The SALVATORE IACONESI SPECIAL MENTION is dedicated to the artist Salvatore Iaconesi, founder together with his partner Oriana Persico of AOS - Art is Open Source research center HER, the award in his memory is aimed at artists who identify with the style and sensitivity that the artist has embodied, transforming data into an existential space to express oneself and increase the degrees of freedom of each socio-technical system, up to the elaboration of the concepts that inspire the Nuovo Abitare.

The EMERGING PRIZE is dedicated to university students, undergraduates or young people who are starting an artistic career and who want to measure themselves against the complexity of the technological and scientific world.

The ROMAEUROPA DIGITALIVE PRIZE, in continuity with the previous editions, is dedicated to artists who use live performance as an expressive and research method to investigate the issues covered by the call. For further information on this modality, it is advisable to consult the programs of the previous editions of the review.

The works will be judged by a jury made up of the Re:humanism staff, experts in contemporary art and new technologies and experts in artificial intelligence. In evaluating the candidates, both the conceptual elements of the work presented, the artist's portfolio and the project's economic sustainability will be considered.

The exhibition of the ten finalists (excluding the Romaeuropa Prize which will be presented later) will take place in the WeGil in Rome at the end of May 2023. The winners will be announced on the website by March 2023.

Participation in the call is free. Before applying, please consult the rules and modalities of participation.



Applications may only be submitted in English or Italian. Participation in this call takes place exclusively by filling out this form in all its parts. Describe in a comprehensive way all the elements of the project, staying within the limits of the text. It is not possible to save a draft of the compilation, it is recommended to compile it once you have all its parts available.


Participation is subject to the acceptance of the rules provided by the Privacy Policy Regulation, according to the current legislation (Dlgs 196/2003).



In this section please be as detailed as possible. Each of this information contributes to demonstrating the real feasibility of the project. Any subsequent requests will be evaluated and agreed upon with the organization.



Each image, render, and draft useful for understanding the project will be evaluated positively by the jury and must be uploaded in jpeg format (max 5 images, each one of 3 MB / at least 3 images are required)

Participation in the prize is subject to acceptance of the following rules. Before submitting your application please examine them. By sending this, you declare that you have read them.

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