about us

About Us

The Cult. Ass. Re:Humanism was founded to give a structure to various cultural activities such as exhibitions, festivals, conferences and educational projects in order to investigate the relationship between humanistic and scientific culture with a main focus on Artificial Intelligence’s research.

This technology lends itself to various ethical, social and philosophical reflections. The task of culture is to set new questions and to offer new possible needs, developments, ways of using technology – intended as a medium.

After launching the art prize, Re:Humanism pursues the aim of widening its range of action, also engaging in other cultural, research and educational activities.

and Institutional Activities

The Association pursues, non-profit, civic, solidarity and social utility through the following activities of general interest:

  • organization and management of cultural, artistic or recreational activities of social interest referred to in article 5 of the Italian Third Sector Code.


It can also exercise, in secondary and instrumental way, the following additional activities:

  • organization of exhibitions and other contemporary art events
  • organization of competitions for artists and creatives
  • organization of talks and other cultural dissemination events
    organization and management of cultural activities of social interest, including publishing activities
  • research on Artificial Intelligence and its ethical and social impacts
  • research activity in the field of human sciences and STEM
  • cultural activities of social interest for educational and training purposes
  • planning and design activities
  • interventions for the protection and enhancement of cultural and landscape heritage
  • requalification of unused public goods or assets confiscated from organized crime

Finally, the Association can raise funds for the purpose of financing its institutional activity, also through the request to third parties of bequests, donations or contributions without monetary compensation. This activity can also be exercised by soliciting the public or through the sale of goods or the provision of services of moderate value.

Association Team

President: Daniela Cotimbo
Councilors: Alfredo Adamo, Ciro Romano
Founding members: Alan Advantage srl and GreenVulcano srl